I've come across other writers who offer the same freelance writing services as you for a lot less, so why should I pay more for your services when I could pay less? What makes you different from them?

It's true, you can buy content from other freelance writers for much less. However, most of those writers are just starting out in the freelance writing business, and in order to build their writing portfolios, they're open to writing for less. But if you hire me for all your content needs, you'll get high quality content delivered on time, my satisfaction guarantee and a writer with more experience (10+ years).

You may also discover that if you hire a writer for a few dollars, he/she may soon learn the project(s) you hired him/her for takes too much time to write for only a few dollars. What happens then? Well, the writer may become uninspired because of the time and pay involved, and he/she may not complete the project, which leaves you searching again. On the other hand, the writer may still complete the projects, but they'll do it so quickly and without passion that once you receive the work, you won't be satisfied with the finished product.

When you take advantage of my freelance writing services, you won't have to worry about the job not being completed. Furthermore, I take the time to research and contact other experts if needed.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes! Upon delivery of the completed content, I give you 24 hours to look over the work. Then, if you're not satisfied, let me know the problem, and I'll be glad to perform up to two free minor rewrites on each piece of content that I wrote for you. After I deliver the rewrites, you'll have another 24 hours to look over the work again. If you're still not satisfied within this time period, I'll be happy to give you a refund, minus a 40% kill fee for the time I spent. Please understand that because of the nature of my work, I believe it's only fair to charge a kill fee.

Before sending a refund, I'll create a new agreement for you to look over, sign and return. Basically, the new agreement will say I'm refunding your money (minus the 40% kill fee), and that the content I completed and delivered to you can not be published. It will also specify that all rights revert back to me, and if you do publish or try to sell the content, legal action will be taken. After you sign and return the agreement, I'll issue the refund within 24 hours.

Do you ever offer discounts or special offers?

Yes. To be notified of all my special offers and discounts, join my mailing list, which can be found at the top of this page on the right. Just enter the correct information in the fields, and then click "Subscribe Free." Your information will NEVER be given out or sold to any third parties.

What happens after I hire you to write content for me?

First, I will listen as I gather the specifications of the job and find out what your deadlines are. At this time, I will also ask for your format preferences. Next, I will dedicate my time to your project(s) to make sure I perform the work to your satisfaction. During this entire process, I will keep you updated.

For instance, my first contact with you, after establishing the details, may be to present an outline and/or ideas to you for your pre-approval. If the work requires any research or interviews with other experts, I will keep a record of everything and deliver it to you. Then, upon completion of my freelance writing services to you, I will edit the work until I'm satisfied with it. Finally, I will deliver the finished project(s) to you before your set deadline.

What formats will I have to choose from?

I can deliver completed projects in plain text, HTML, Word, RTF or PDF format. If you desire, we can also work through Google Docs in order to communicate more effectively.