Freelance Writing Services & Rates

If you're currently on a tight budget or have more than one project you'd like for me to take on, I'll be more than happy to negotiate a different rate with you. To let me know your budget so we can negotiate a fair rate, mention this upfront when contacting me. I'll then email you back with a no-obligation quote.

Ghost Blog Writing and Management Services

Would you like to see an increase in sales by having a blog but don't have the time to write the content and manage the blog yourself? Hire me and you'll receive top-notch content as well as more time to focus on your customers while I handle the writing and management for you.

If you give me a chance to prove myself, here's a glimpse at what you'll receive:

  • Blog content related to any of the topics I specialize in. All blog content will have a minimum of 400 words, be of great quality, engage your readers, and if requested, the content can be optimized.
  • I'll publish the content on your blog or email it to you (your choice) in a format you prefer.
  • Comment management which consists of responding to and getting rid of spam comments.
  • If you want, I can also manage or help you manage your blog's social media pages. You'll own the rights to all the content that I write for you there as well.

What do you say, are you ready to give me the chance to show you that I can bring more sales your way? If so, hire me for all your blog writing and management needs today by contacting me and letting me know which plan below that fits your needs.

Blog writing and management services with a total of five posts each week (Monday - Friday): $1,650.00, to be paid monthly.

Blog writing and management services with a total of two posts each week (Monday - Friday): $690.00, to be paid monthly.

Blog writing and management services with a total of one post each week (Monday - Friday): $370.00, to be paid monthly.

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Blog Writing Services

Do you need help with just the content for your blog? No problem.

Quality blog content (200-800 words): $50.00 per post if you include my bio at the end or beginning of each entry. $80.00 per post without my bio. Regardless of whether or not you include my bio, you'll own all rights to the blog content.

If you need blog content over 800 words, see my custom freelance writing rates below.

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Custom Freelance Writing Services & Rates

In addition to blog writing and management services, I also provide articles for your print publication(s) or web content for your website, newsletter and/or social media channels. If it's web content you need, I can include any keywords you provide to make it SEO friendly.

The rates that follow are for all rights. If you'd rather purchase first rights and include my byline, state this upfront to ensure you receive a 40% discount.

Okay, so you still want to buy all rights, but you'd like to give me credit by adding my byline and/or bio. No problem, I can still sell you all rights to the content, and, of course, I would be very appreciative for you allowing me to include this information. As my thanks to you for the byline and/or bio, I'll give you a 30% discount. Again, mention this when contacting me so I know to apply the discount.

Quality freelance writing service rates for articles & web content (500-1000 words):

1 to 14 articles: $80 per article

15 to 100 articles: $70 per article

Quality freelance writing rates for articles & web content (over 1000 words):

1 to 14 articles: $150 per article

15 to 100 articles: $140 per article

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eBook Writing Services

eBooks: $15 per page with a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 30 pages. For each page after 30 pages, the rate would be $10 per page. For example, if your eBook is 50 pages, the total cost would be $650.

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Payment and Other Information

All payments must be made in U.S. currency through Paypal. A deposit of 50% (half) is due upfront, and the other 50% (half) will be due upon completion of each assignment (I'll invoice you through Paypal). For services that you will pay for on a monthly basis, the same policy applies: half (50%) of the first month's payment due, and in one month, I'll invoice you for the other half (50%), as well as the half for the following month.

All of my freelance writing services will include three minor rewrites per project at no additional charge. Additional rewrites will be $15.00 an hour. I also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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